Sunday, January 09, 2011


From the age of two, Julien has made it his mission in life to embarrass me.
I would love to share the story that started it all, but it is guaranteed to offend someone.

He is now at the age where he likes to make fun of my clothes.

I have one jacket that he calls, my "booger jacket" - because it's green.

I was content to only have one article of clothing hideously named, but much to my surprise, article number two now has a name as well.

As I was opening my present from Julien, he announced that he bought "Sasquatch" for me.
I had no idea Sasquatch was available for purchase at our local mall, but obviously he is
apparently, Sasquatch terrifies Addie.

I have already had Sasquatch dry cleaned and he is now hanging on my closet door.

Each time Addie walks towards my closet, she immediately turns and goes the other way....hmmm, I thought it was tough wearing boogers, but mammalian skin adds a whole other degree of difficulty to my life.

She was terrified of Sasquatch from the moment I pulled him from the bag.