Sunday, January 09, 2011

A Quiet Ride

We actually had a quiet ride over to my Aunt's house for Christmas lunch.
Addie was so excited about E.R. Baby's new outfit, she was content to sit and feed Baby during the entire trip.The weather was bitter cold
and dreary.

As a side note, I was very disappointed in the Baby Elephant Ears.

In all fairness to the product itself, it is beyond cute, but it is not functional - for us.
In my minds eye, I imagined a pillow that was plush - like a Boppy.
This was not.
This was much too flat for Addie and the middle part that connects the two ears is just fabric, no padding at all.

So, this product may be perfect for any "standard" use, but for us, it was a no go.

For anyone considering this product, my recommendation would be to go to the store and look at it before purchasing.

I ended up using it in Addie's stroller during our trip.

I still had to fold it over just to give her enough padding to lay her head on...
super cute...
not functional.