Tuesday, January 25, 2011

It Started With a Ride on a Ferry

Day 7
December 31, 2010
We knew the crowds were going to be awful and so we were prepared.
We got to the park right as it opened.
From the time we got out of the car until the time that we stepped through the gates of Magic Kingdom was one hour and twenty minutes.
It really didn't seem like it took that long.
The weather was beautiful and we were surrounded by nice people.

(Look Shellie!!! Steelers training camp made it to Orlando!)

Addie was so happy to see all of the characters and as long as they didn't try to touch her, she wanted nothing more than to sit and watch them.

Addie would wave at all of the characters, but I think that Pooh and Tigger were amongst her favorites.

Here is rotten baby girl with her maraca(s).
When we were at Epcot, she spotted them as we were browsing through a shop in Mexico.
I asked her which color she wanted to see, holding up a blue and then a yellow one and she responded, "blue".
I found two blue maracas that fit her little hands and then went to the register to pay for them.
I asked the man how much they were and he shook his head and told me, "for her, they cost nothing".
After a bit of back and forth conversation, I left in disbelief and Addie left very, very happy.
She hung on to them for the rest of our time at the park.