Sunday, January 23, 2011

Lunch in the Rainforest

Day 6
December 30, 2010
Although all the restaurants were completely booked, we managed to get a reservation for the same day.
Luck was on our side.
The restaurant had mixed reviews on line.
People complained about the restaurant being overpriced and cheesy.
Considering that most touristy places do charge higher prices for things and that the reviews are written by adults and we naturally think robotic moving animals are cheesy, I wasn't deterred.
It took Addie a little bit to adjust to the atmosphere.
We were surrounded by lots of noise, fish aquariums and animal sounds.
I could have done without the snake.
Red and Green braces - how festive.

We were surrounded by an enormous aquarium on one side of the table and this gorilla on the other.
Addie was more than disturbed by the gorilla because every fifteen minutes or so, the whole place would go wild with animal sounds and the animals would move.
This gorilla was not small and in the eyes of a child, could be very frightening.
It took a little convincing, but finally I got Addie to act like the gorilla.
I was trying to get her to bang on her chest and in her best effort, she grabbed her shirt and started making monkey sounds.
After that, she and the gorilla were on good terms.
Although eighteen hours early, Addie was treated like a princess.
The servers brought her ice cream and sang, "Happy Birthday".
The best part of it all was when Addie leaned over and blew out the candles without any prompting.
We had no idea that she even knew to do that! I imagine it is from all of the birthday parties we attended in the previous months!

She actually emerged from the hug unscathed. I do realize it looks like we just smooshed her!


Nicole said...

I thought the Rainforest Cafe was the coolest place ever. I've certainly eaten better food, but the atmosphere was awesome! We sat next to the elephants and Luke was convinced they were the real deal because "their eyes moved!"