Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Fungusy Parades and Amazingly Rude People

Day 3
December 28, 2010

Completely bi-polar parade. Addie adored the goose and the other friendly looking animals, but when the clown-like balloons came by, she totally freaked!
I'm 102% positive that she was waving at the goose.
Addie loved seeing The Cat in the Hat and Curious George!
Julien offered to give her a better view of the parade.

What's a parade without peanut butter pretzels?
Although it was freezing, we toughed it out...the lights were beautiful!

We were more than happy that we decided to go to Universal Studios first.

We didn't let anything put a damper on our spirits and although it was really neat and Seuss Land totally rocks for our younger children, we have never met so many rude people in such a condensed area.

Even my husband - who normally has an annoying knack for ignoring rude people - made comment after comment about the people.

It was not only the other guests at the parks, but it was also the employees.

Most of you guys know that I am not a crier, but one of the lady's in guest services had me in tears, employees at the rides were unfriendly or just plain rude (with the exception of the ones at Seuss Land) and by the time we left, we were pretty certain that we had no desire to go back.

We are willing to give up the atmosphere and the rides simply because of the encounters we had.

Who knows if we will change our minds later on, but with the experiences being so fresh on our minds, the vacation that we are planning now has nothing to do with Universal Studios.


WicketsMom said...

I'm glad to get someone's opinion on Universal Studios. We're spending a week in Orlando this fall with our son who will be four at the time. We were debating going to Universal for one day mainly for Seuss-land, but Universal is more expensive than Disney! We may skip it, and are hoping that the new Legoland might be open when we go instead.