Thursday, January 27, 2011

From Lunch to Lines

Day 7
December 31, 2010
We spent most of the day focusing on rides that Addie would enjoy...after all, it was her big day!
We took a break for lunch and as Addie chomped away, we learned that the park had officially closed.
This meant that if we left for our dinner reservations, we risked not being able to return.
That left us a lot to ponder as we went about our afternoon.

Addie was just happy to sit and people watch while she ate her lunch.

My Mother threatened me on several occasions, warning me not to take any pictures of her.
I do believe there were threats of bodily harm and a few statements that would make your average sailor blush.
As if she really thought that would prevent me from taking her picture.

After lunch, we headed right back over to the rides.

Sweet Addie was thrilled to go back over to the flying elephants and went on them as many times as we would let her!