Thursday, January 13, 2011

It Felt Like -12

Day 2 in Sunny Florida started out at a toasty 32 degrees.

That didn't stop us, we were determined to have a good time! Only Addie and her ear didn't get that memo.

This is the only picture for our record books of Addie on her very first day at a theme park.

We are in a coffee shop not too far within the gates of Universal Studios.

I think it was a mixture of her being sick, not understanding the new environment and the cold that sent her over the edge.

It wasn't long before we left the park to take Addie back to the condo.
It took a few hours for her to calm down.
A few good meds, lots of loving and some warm pajamas helped her feel better.
My family then offered to watch her so that Chris and I could head back out and meet up with Julien and the rest of my family.