Monday, July 21, 2008

Our friends at Children's E.D.

I took the day off work today to spend some extra time with Julien and to take him shopping for school. We had a great day and managed to get a lot accomplished - the CEO of Abercrombie should be calling me any time to personally thank me for my purchase today! :) Chris met us for lunch and then we went to visit our friends at Children's Hospital. It has been too long since our last visit! Addie was in a great mood and was just as sweet as she could be. Everybody just spoils her rotten and when we left, she had acquired a new baby doll, a care bear and a book. Julien also walked away with a bucket full of goodies! Rotten, rotten, rotten - both of them! Thank you all for your amazing generosity and love!

We think Addie met another milestone during our visit. I have been working with her for weeks, trying to teach her where her nose, eyes, ears and mouth are. Without a second thought, she showed us where her ear was today (third collage, first picture)! I will keep you updated on the progress; I hope it wasn't just a fluke!

As soon as we got in the car, Addie fell asleep! She was just exhausted from all the activity today!

Thanks Julien for being such a great helper with Addie's stroller and all the shopping bags today!


Nicole said...

Thank you so much for bring her to see us! You made our day!