Sunday, January 30, 2011

Saying Goodbye (and Good Riddance)

New Year's Eve 2010
After Addie's party, we went about enjoying the last few hours before the end of 2010.
We were beyond thrilled to be putting 2010 behind us - and we were thrilled to be welcoming in a year of new beginnings.

You can't exactly tell from this picture though...Julien was just about done with all the picture taking!

Yep, we're dorks.

The best kisses ever!

Waiting on the electric parade to begin.
Pretty neat stuff!

We had to do the parent swap on a few rides, so while Addie and I waited for the others to come back, we danced to the fun music that was streaming through the speakers all over the park.
Addie wanted to try on the hat that everybody else in the park was wearing.

After I took the picture, I put the hat back on the stroller and put the camera away.
Addie walked over and grabbed the hat, ran back over to the wall and pointed at the camera.
She was not "all done" taking pictures just yet!

People watching!

This is the only thing that Addie "asked" for the entire trip!
There was no way that I wasn't going to buy it for her.
At around 11:00 p.m., Addie just couldn't take it any longer!

We started making our way back towards the park entrance.
By that time, the "snow" had started to fall, the music was blaring and they were announcing every five minutes that we were nearing the end of 2010 (YAY!).

Julien was exhausted too and by this point, was completely done with picture taking!
We had been at the park for sixteen hours.

With the sound of the horns blaring, people yelling and music at full volume, Addie was in her own little peaceful place.
Fungusville USA.

We decided to try to get ahead of the crowd.
We timed it perfectly.
Just as the monorail left the station, the fireworks started.
We began our new year watching amazing fireworks as we were whisked away high above Magic Kingdom.
It was beautiful, we were together and it was the perfect way to end our magical week.