Sunday, November 23, 2008


Well, my little Monkey sure is becoming the little explorer! I don't think I could be any more thrilled!

Friday night when we got home, we went about our normal routine. I took Chunkus with me so that I could change clothes. We went to my room, closed the bedroom door so that she couldn't escape, I put her down with some toys and I went into the closet to change.

I had no more than taken off my earrings and necklace before I heard this muffled, scared, little "MaMa". Mommy instinct kicked in and I immediately went to check on her. Monkey was in hot pursuit of a book that she saw laying at the corner of my bed (left over from Julien reading to her the night before) and she must have shoved it under the bed while trying to pick it up. Monkey obviously went after it, because she was stuck UNDER my bed!

Monkey wasn't in any danger and she wasn't hysterical, so I called for Julien and Chris. Really, how could I let them miss this? They came up immediately and I proceeded to show them our trapped little Monkey. Julien hit panic mode, crawled as far underneath the bed as he could and started trying to grab Monkey. I was talking to her from the other side and she eventually got close enough to Julien for him to grab her ankles and pull her to him. She got a tiny little bump as Julien was pulling her free, but she immediately turned into Julien and gave him a huge hug!

Monkey was fine and we got to witness what we have been missing for so long...our precious little Monkey acting like a "typical" child. It was a moment that was heaven sent!


The Stallings' Clan said...

What a sweet big brother moment. Addie is lucky to have such a caring big brother in Julian. I pray for you family to have many more "typical" child moments.

Polly & Steve said...

Way to go Julien....Great Job! Yeah Addie.....Good to have a big Brothers! Caring for a brother is not alway there but Julian is such a special guy!
Polly and Steve