Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I'm selfish

This has been weighing heavy on my heart for a while now. This topic is the most difficult topic for me to discuss, but I need prayers and I know I can depend on you all to help me.

This is so incredibly selfish because I truly know how blessed I am to have my beautiful daughter who is beating all the odds, but I need these prayers...

I try desperately not to focus on head circumference, because there is nothing I can do about it except pray.

There has been no change in Monkey's head circumference for too long now. I selfishly pray every night for continued growth and there has been growth, but not lately. God answered my prayers in the beginning, but not lately. I'm selfish, I know.

I pray every night for Monkey to remain seizure free, for continued brain development and continued growth for her skull. My daughter is in the hands of our GOD. I will follow HIS path and HIS plan. I may not see it now, but there is a greater purpose. I know.


The Butlers said...

That is soooo NOT selfish! We will continue to pray for her (and you too). God has a plan for Addie and I'm amazed by all the miracles she has accomplished lately, as I know you are too! We are just going to keep believing that her little head circumference will grow and she will remain seizure free. God is good and he never lets us down! Keep your chin up and if I can do anything AT ALL, just ask.

The Butlers said...

Oh yeah forgot....when we were trying to conceive for 4 years, I had to be reminded that everything happens in God's time, not ours. That kinda made me realize that our prayers will be answered, just maybe not as fast as we'd like. After that, I prayed for patience and now we have Noah and Andrew is on the way soon too! Love ya.

Aunt Nonna (Rhonda) said...

Monkey has a HUGE fan club. GOD hears prayers coming from all of her believers everyday; from Helena, Vance, Birmingham, Hoover, Alabaster, Atlanta; the list goes on and on. I will continue praying for her accomplishments and for your strength.

Anonymous said...


I know this has to be hard for you and even if you were being selfish(which you aren't), God understands. He knows your heart and your emotions, fears, everything that invades your mind, he cares about. I am praying and believing for God to give you peace. We love you!