Sunday, November 30, 2008

Hidden pictures

A few of you have asked if I fell off the face of the earth since it has been so long since I updated the blog. I'm still here, just knee deep in mess.

Monkey has been running a fever and has that terrible croupy cough. When she doesn't feel good, she just wants to be held and loved on. So, I am ten loads of laundry behind, halfway finished wrapping wedding presents, a fourth of the way finished wrapping Christmas presents and an eighth of the way finished putting up Christmas decorations. We have football practice today, a delivery being made to our house which means I have to clear a path for people to get in, we have dinner with friends tonight and we have to go back to work tomorrow.
I was trying to figure out how my house got destroyed in a matter of two days, then I figured it out. I've been sleeping at night - when Monkey has let me. When I sleep, I don't make progress. Err...tis the season for stress!

So, here are a few hidden pictures for you... if you see Waldo, please let me know. I would feel much better if someone could tell me that their house was more hideously destroyed than mine at this point! Anyone?


Nicole said...

Poor baby! Hope she feels better soon. I think a messy house is a requirement for having young children. That's MY theory anyway! At least you have your Christmas tree out of the box....more than I can say!