Monday, November 10, 2008

Public records

I am completely fascinated/disgusted at the amount of information that can be found through a public records search. Really, there needs to be a HIPAA in the world of public records.

So, here is a warning for you. If you are paroozing through the local Shelby County Reporter a few weeks from now, you may run across a listing under "Divorces" with Chris and my name listed. Please don't be surprised, because I am giving you fair warning.

Why, you may ask? Infidelity, abuse, embezzlement, inability to cohabitate? No, no, no and no.

Chris and I took the day off work tomorrow because Julien is out of school and we have decided to paint two rooms in our house. If we make it through the day without filing for divorce, I will be shocked.

We built a house before we were married and I am surprised we made it to the alter, we finished the basement in that house when I was pregnant with Monkey and then built our second house after Monkey was we are still together, I have no idea. Painting's a whole other test to the bonds of marriage. I feel like it should take a couple of hours to paint one room, Chris feels like it should take all day and that's the problem. We only have ONE day to finish it. This day has to encompass my disgust with the paint colors, the fact that it actually takes more than one coat of paint and oh dear the demons that will come forward if paint is actually spilled on the floor. Not only that, I have assigned Julien the job of painting two cabinet doors for me...oh, I think I feel an eye twitch coming on!

May luck be on our side tomorrow. If luck doesn't come our way, you will know why we are headed to divorce court.


Nicole said...

LOL...My brother is an excellent painter....I'm sure he would be willing to help out so you guys can stay out of divorce court... :)

Terrie said...

Hopefully the painting is going better than expected today. Will be thinking about you and hoping you aren't taking breaks in between painting calling lawyers..hehe.

Haley said...

After getting a jaw-dropping of #3600 to paint the inside of our house & $2200 for the exterior, just think of all the money you're saving-you can always get remarried! Good luck to you!