Friday, November 07, 2008

Happy Birthday to the Best Mom in the World!!!

My beautiful Mom celebrated her !0th Birthday today! She would kill me if I told anybody that she turned 39 for the 21st time today. Wow...keep that one to yourself.

My Mother is the most reserved person, not wanting people to make a fuss over instead of the big birthday bash at the Wynfrey with 200 of her closest friends, she opted for a dinner with the immediate family.

We all had a really great time! "We" would be my family - not the other poor souls who were unfortunate enough to be sitting around us in the "private room". It was a night of celebration and we just didn't feel the need to keep the kids hushed and our napkins neatly folded on our laps!

My Mom is the best Mom in the world and I am so fortunate to have her!

Happy Birthday Mom! We love you!!!!

I've been overly stressed lately...hence the fever blisters. Doesn't make for a real pretty picture.