Saturday, November 01, 2008

We are so incredibly blessed!

We made a long overdue visit to Loading Dock South today.

The last time Chris and I were there, I was pregnant with Monkey. Life has been passing by too quickly and we need to make sure to pay them a visit any time we need something to spruce up the house.
The company is family owned by some amazing people...remember, shopping locally benefits us all!

The owners of Loading Dock South contacted me and stated that they wanted to give Monkey a pair of Baby Gap fur boots, as well as a pair for the little girls in Monkey's class. I was blown away by their generosity!

We made time to stop by today after Julien's football game. The owners were just as wonderful as I remember! Not only did Monkey get a new pair of boots - pictures will be posted later - but she also got a dog bracelet - cute, cute, cute! I don't know if it is Monkey's amazing blue eyes or the way she stuck out her bottom lip and whined, but she managed to steal a ball from them as well!
Thank you, thank you, thank you for your amazing kindness! Your acts are appreciated more than words could ever say!