Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Anyone...anyone? Bueller?

Can anyone tell me what is wrong with these pictures?

No, they are not scenes from the new Amityville Horror Movie...oh no...they are pictures of my office tonight. Those blue lines you see...uh huh, that's tape and that red goo randomly smeared on the wall....uh, huh, that's primer. Oh wait...look closer, do you see any paint the color of Merlot on the walls? No? Me neither.
On the positive side. Julien did an excellent job helping me paint the cabinet and the kids bathroom is completely primed and is waiting for the final coat of paint. We're saving thousands of dollars, I know. My house is a wreck, but my husband did hook my computer back up tonight so that I could post these beautiful photos and tell you all how wonderful he is for starting to paint my office, while he is recouping from a very nasty cold (blah!) and a hurt knee. I think he's searching for some brownie points...


Nicole said...

LOL! Oh well, at least he got started. I'm still waiting on several projects to be finished that were started, ohhhh, around 8 YEARS ago when we moved into our house!