Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My beautiful little princess!

Monkey was all ready for the ball tonight! All she needed was her horse and carriage and she would have been set!

The boys were out of the house tonight, so we decided to play dress up!
Monkey "won" a little plastic, purple bracelet last month when we went to a fall festival. She is in love with the bracelet and has started putting anything she can find on her arms in lieu of "real" bracelets. So...I have been on the hunt for little, tiny bracelets to fit her arms. I hunted everywhere with no luck. I was at Walgreens this past Sunday and while walking down the baby aisle, a bag of linking rings caught my eye. Hmmm, little, plastic, colorful rings, perfect for little arms...looky there! I took them home and when Monkey woke from her nap, I showed her the beautiful new bracelets! She thinks she is so beautiful when she has them on and she doesn't want to take them off, not even to take a bath.

Next time you see Monkey, don't tell her they are really linking rings and not bracelets. I think it would just crush her!