Monday, November 17, 2008


I have been out of touch with the rest of the world the last few days. My wonderful husband finished painting the walls in my office, they are now the color of deep Merlot. Bless him. Now we just have to get everything back together.
I've been a tad bit stressed lately. I have a few things going on outside my normal day to day routine and trying to make it all come together is interesting. I am in the process of planning Julien's 10th Birthday (I just can't believe it), following his birthday is Thanksgiving at my house. After Thanksgiving, I am hosting a bridal shower, after the bridal shower, I somehow have to figure out how to schedule Christmas with four different families. Next comes Monkey's 2nd Birthday (wow), New Years Eve and finally a trip to Atlanta for the wedding in which I am the MOH. I need a vacation. I tried to talk Chris into letting us just go away for the holidays, avoid all the stress, but we have too much going on to just pick up and leave. Maybe next year...
Ah, the holidays!