Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Following directions

"She will never walk, never talk and never function as a normal child"

...this time "they" may be partially right. She isn't functioning as a normal child...Monkey followed directions that I gave to her without me having to ask over and over and over again....My "normal" child doesn't even do that!

Tissues may not be necessary, but prepare for the goosebumps!

The time change has all of us a little off kilter this week. Monday morning, Monkey woke up at 5:15 just as I was about to get in the shower (late). Julien was camped out on the floor of my bedroom and it was a three ring circus before the morning even started. I gave Monkey lots of loving and then told her that I had to take a shower. I sat her on the floor in the bathroom and got in the shower. When I closed the door, Monkey proceeded to sit up on her knees, hands flat against the shower door with those pitiful blue eyes watching me. I was trying to think of something to occupy her, so I told her to go into the bedroom and "tell Julien to up-up". She thought about it for a second, turned and crawled into the bedroom and started smacking (love taps) Julien on his legs and tummy, trying to wake him up...and it worked!

I don't know why I was in disbelief, but it took a moment for me to realize that Monkey really understood what I told her to do.

I talk to Monkey all the time, never knowing what she understands and what she doesn't. My Monkey understood the directions that I gave to her and followed them completely.

God has been so gracious to us, allowing continued growth and development for Monkey...answering my prayers that I desperately pray each day.

Regardless of how it is phrased, it is God's work and a miracle.


aunt cissy said...

Jenn, mom was telling me and Gab this story tonight. It was awesome; Addie is truly an amazing child. I don't know where she got her listening skills from because I know two granddaughters that don't listen like that. Addie is our blessing. She makes you step back and truly appreciate life. She puts a smile on my face and love in my heart every time I see her or hear about something that she has done. Love always!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful little Monkey! I am so proud of her and how smart she truly is!!!!!

Polly & Steve said...

God is so good. Man counts us out but doesn't realize that God in in control. I know I say that a lot but it is so true. Tell sweet Addie hello for us and give her and Jullian a big hug1 Thank you for your blessings
Polly and Steve

Anonymous said...

Good Going Monkey!! You make everyone who reads this blog proud! I know that you and Julian are the loves are your Mommy and Daddy's lives! Addie and Julian~you kids are precious!

Melanie said...

That is soo sweet!!

Jeremy & Kim said...

Truly amazing, but not surprising!! I have no doubt in the milestones and accomplishments we will continue to see from your little monkey!! Truly a miracle from our amazing God!