Wednesday, November 12, 2008


You guys made my heart just ache!

You guessed such great guesses. Everyone but one person was way ahead of us on the milestones... I should have given the hint that this was not a "serious" milestone.

Maybe these two pictures will help with the visual a little bit better.

Lennie was the closest and for the people that emailed me or called me directly trying to CHEAT, your guesses didn't count! :)

Monkey was caught trying to pull her pants and diaper off! Can you imagine the thought process behind this? Monkey had to know that she wanted her diaper off and put enough thought into how to make that happen and then do it! Do you see how exciting this is??? She is reasoning through steps for problem solving! This is awesome!

I will go ahead and admit, she gets this from her Mommy. Pictures in my baby album prove that I was a little nudist as a toddler...


Polly & Steve said...

Yeah Monkey! Freedom....They called it the streak in my day! I know you are to young to remember the song by Ray Stevens.....You had to be careful at games and such cause anyone could just take across the field streaking! (Smile) Go Monkey.
Polly and Steve

Lennie said...

Every milestone is a step in the right direction - even the little ones. I'd let her practice this one at every diaper change and bathtime. It's great for her self-help skills, but also balance and problem solving.

Thank you for sharing these steps and your precious Monkey/Angel/Addie with all of us!

Nicole said...

No milestone is small. Love the plumber's crack :). Cute little baby booty!