Sunday, November 23, 2008

Never ceasing to amaze me!

As Monkey and I were playing tonight, I had the most heart-warming revelation. Monkey is understanding more than I realize.

We were playing with a drum that my favorite cousin, Apryl, gave to Chunkus. On one mode, the song directs you to clap your hands, sing and stomp your feet. Monkey was sitting on her knees, hands on the drum, listening to the music and me singing along. We clapped our hands, we sang and when it got to the part to stomp our feet...Chunkus did - sort of. I get absolutely no credit for this, this is all thanks to The Bell Center. I have watched Monkey countless number of times through the window at therapy, sitting in her volunteers lap while everyone else is stomping their feet to the song being sang. Her volunteer would always take her little feet and stomp, stomp, stomp them for her. It was always one of those moments that sent a pain through my heart...Monkey watching, but unable to do it on her own.

When Monkey was supposed to stomp her feet tonight, she was on her knees and she wiggled her little body back and forth and shook her feet - hence stomping her feet!

Can you believe it? I had to see it over and over to believe it! What a beautiful, heaven sent sight!

Thank God for this miracle and this blessing - the blessing of Monkey's comprehension and physical strength!


Anonymous said...

This is the time that we all give thanks for what we have been given. I am most thankful for my husband and son but I am also very thankful for The Henderson Family. Chris, Jennifer, Julian and Addie~you make me appreciate all that I have and I thank YOU for it! Happpy Turkey Day everyone!

Polly & Steve said...

Wonderful God, Thank you so much for our Addie!!!!

Apryl said...

I'm your favorite? Wow!!Thanks!! I love you too. I am glad that the drum is good therapy for Sweet Addie Girl. Give yourself some credit too. Addie's continued progress is due to God, The Bell Center, and the most beautiful, dedicated, and loving Mother I have ever met and I am lucky to call you my cousin.