Thursday, September 11, 2008

Therapy with the Monkey

Addie had a fantastic morning at therapy!

Her new teacher was bragging about how well Addie did at stacking and unstacking cups. I work so much with her at home and I am just tickled that she is taking what I'm teaching her and applying it in other settings...she remembers!

Addie made a Humpty Dumpty while unknowingly working on her OT. She also had so much fun at circle time!

By the end of the class, she was exhausted and had a meltdown when she couldn't get to baby and me fast enough. All the other children in her class can walk, so they all leave ahead of her. Her therapists were trying to get her to crawl over to me and I guess that was just the final straw!

She slept all the way to daycare and slept on my shoulder until we got to her classroom and then slept for two and a half hours at nap time.

She is working so hard and I am so proud of her!