Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Answer for Polly

Polly left a comment regarding my post about the company that Chris and I may or may not work for. Thanks to Polly pointing it out, it would appear that I am insinuating that Chris and I are nomadic day laborers, when in fact we are not. :)

We both have outstanding jobs with an amazing company - which I won't name and I don't think these pictures from our baby shower at work and Addie and Julien's visit to work would provide any clues.

I was trying unsuccessfully to be facetious, never wanting to imply that our company was blocking the template that the blog uses. I didn't want to sound negative, so I was trying to use humor instead.
I also want to clear up any implication that anyone at this company - that I did not name - would ever view this blog during working hours. Uh-uh, no way.

We love our jobs, the company that we work for and the people that we work with. All are amazing and we are two very blessed people!


Apryl said...

I am not sure if you noticed in the second picture is the name of the company you and Chris may or may not work for in the background. I just wanted to make sure you knew since you mentioned in the post that you did not want to name the company.

Polly & Steve said...

Duh! I got it....hahahha I am a little slow. You are wonderful to take the time to answer us. Thank you for the blessing you are.

WicketsMom said...

I work at a different company, in a similar industry, and the template is blocked here too.