Thursday, September 04, 2008

The Lakeshore Foundation

Well, luck isn't entirely on our side.

The only class for Addie's age group is 9:30 on Monday's and Wednesday's. I talked with three different people at the center and have scheduled a tour for Monday. I was told that the therapists would be happy to show me what therapy is done in the class and then I would be welcome to come in the evenings and on the weekends to work with Addie.

I have been trying to figure this all out and with fall ball starting back up, I have to be mindful of the days that I plan evening therapy for Addie.

I keep praying I will see clearly the path I am to take. Addie cannot miss the therapy she so desperately needs and I can't miss being there for Julien.


Nicole said...

Everything will fall into place.

Anonymous said...

Here's what happened to me when I prayed about what to do when I had an 18-month old baby and was diagnosed with lymphoma myself (I was working only 20 hours a week downtown at the time). I would leave home by 6 a.m., then not get all of my hours in at work, have to leave for treatments, go home and collapse for awhile during the afternoon, pick him up at daycare by 6 p.m., then start all over the next day. I knew that something had to change, so at work one day the words just came to me, and I searched the library for a book about women leaving the workplace. It just so happened that Larry Burkett had written a book by that exact name!! I raced to check out the book, read it frantically and got up enough nerve to tell my husband that this was what God was telling me to do. Many people thought I was crazy to "give up" my education to stay home with a child. It has been nothing but a blessing to our family. It has been occasionally hard financially, but God has provided. I wouldn't trade anything for the time I've had. I can always go back at some point.

Call me if you'd like to talk.

Prayers and love,
Susan W.