Tuesday, September 16, 2008

An emerging milestone

This one is a "biggy" in my book. Does anyone want to guess what Monkey is trying to do?


Well, let me just tell you!

Monkey is trying to CLIMB! How fitting for Chunky Monkey! While we were at the park tonight, I was working with Monkey trying to get her to crawl up the steps to the slide. Normally, this equates to me picking her leg up and putting it on the next stair and so on. Not tonight by golly! Tonight, she put that right little chunky thigh up on the next step and tried with all her might to climb up. She didn't succeed without my help, but that is not the point! She is trying and knows what she needs to do; she just has to learn HOW to do it!

I feel the tears...I don't think I will be able to hold them back when this milestone is met!

An FYI and not to ruin the moment:
A lot of people think that I am over sensitive to comments that are made. Sure I am, it comes along with being the parent of a special needs child. Walk in my shoes and see how you feel...

So, before I have fifteen emails telling me to "watch out" when she starts climbing and how she will be "all over the place" and "you'll have to baby proof everything", stop and don't send the email and definitely don't pick up the phone to say it. Do you realize how much we LONG for those things? Those things represent a bit of normality in our lives! We have spent TWENTY months waiting...for everything. We will spend another twenty and another and another....waiting. Don't take this joy from us. You have no idea how much we treasure the "uh-oh's and oh-no's". You should too by the way...


Nicole said...

Yeah Addie!!!! She's living up to her nickname!!

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to leave you a comment and say how proud of you and your family that I am! I linked onto your blog through some of my friends who work in the Children's ED (I worked there too once upon a time as a RN) and your family is beautiful inside and out! Please continue your blogging because I love to see how your Chunky Monkey is developing!

Polly & Steve said...

Every goal Addies tries for and reaches is by the grace of God, and if God doesn't count us out why should anyone else. I totally unstand you feelings and by the way this is your blog you can feel however want to feel, and this outlet is sometimes the only sanity we have. Lots of hugs to Chunkey Monkey! Go Addie!