Thursday, September 18, 2008

It's not paranoia people, it's fact - sidebar

Paranoia is a useless emotion. There is no point in sweating the small stuff, just deal with the facts and move on.

We had open house at the intermediate school tonight. Somewhat pointless because the teacher we went to see, wasn't there.

We did, however, see a lot of parents that we haven't seen in quite a while. What I found incredibly interesting about a couple of these "reunions" was how the women (don't even deny it) tend to size people up - trying to find all the flaws possible. There is nothing like getting a good once over while chatting it up with someone...made me feel like I was on a visit to the Canadian clubs - pure meat markets.

I do realize people that I am still harboring a great amount of baby weight. No, it hasn't gone anywhere. In fact, I think it is so happy that it is planning to stay - permanently. Which got me thinking. At what point is it not okay to blame excess weight on "baby weight"? Nine months, eighteen months, five, six years...until the womb is mercifully removed from the body and baby bearing years are officially over? Alas, my point. I work full time, spend my "free" time involved in therapy for my daughter and sports with my son. Granted it is 9:48 at night and I could be out jogging around the neighborhood, but yet I'm sitting here on aforementioned baby weight typing away. So, short of my anorexia kicking in...what you see is what you get.


Aunt Nonna (Rhonda) said...

OMG Jenn, you look incredible. Let them size you up, it's called being jealous.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't there last night, so I know it wasn't me doing that!! How mean some "friends" can be.

You're doing a wonderful job at everything you do, and your family shows it. When Addie starts riding her pink bicycle around the track at the park, then you can walk beside her, or ride yours. There's time for everything, in God's own time.

Love and prayers,
Susan W.