Sunday, September 07, 2008


I am truly amazed at Addie's receptive language. Although I don't know the depth of her understanding, I talk to her just as I would any other child. We have lots of conversations, ALL the time, about EVERYTHING and I keep waiting for the keys to turn and unlock the doors that are so tightly shut.

Addie is very attached to her baby. No matter where we are, she usually has her close by. If I pick Addie up to leave one room and forget baby, it isn't but a minute later that we are backtracking to retrieve her. So, I have made a habit of telling Addie to "get baby" when I am ready to pick her up.

We had a bit of a crazy evening tonight. Julien showered while Addie took a bath and instead of Addie's usual routine, I had to take a few minutes to help Julien make his bed and straighten up (because I was a slacker and didn't get it done during Addie's nap). I put down a towel in the hallway and sat Addie and baby on the towel so that she could watch us and not be underfoot. It is amazing how intently she will watch us as we go about our business! When Julien put his pillow in the pillowcase, it startled Addie a bit because Julien was trying to be funny and shook the pillow really hard. Addie didn't say anything; it was just the look on her face. I looked at her and she grabbed baby and held her out to me. I walked over and told Addie that it was O.K. and it would be just a minute. As I turned to walk away, she held baby out again but with force and then it hit me. She was "telling" me that she had baby and was ready for me to pick her up. I immediately picked her up, gave her a big hug and then put her in Julien's bedroom floor next to me.

That is all she wanted and needed.

The locks are turning, just ever so slowly. She is getting it and is trying desperately to communicate that to me.

All glory belongs to GOD!

This miracle that HE has blessed me with never ceases to amaze me! I don't know why this path was chosen for me; all I know is that I am grateful to be on it!