Sunday, September 21, 2008



"Hi" she says.

Monkey that is. Monkey had a weekend of "hi's".

Monkey said "hi" to the cat.

Monkey said "hi" to her Mommy.

Monkey said "hi" to the man from the bakery.

Monkey said "hi" to the lady so intent on finding the perfect cheese that she didn't hear the miracle that was speaking to her. That miracle, MY Monkey, said "hi" and "hi" again and "hi" again until the lady realized that she was missing the miracle that God wanted for her to witness. The lady looked at MY miracle and said "hi".

Monkey said "hi" to her baby.

Monkey said "hi" to her Daddy.

Monkey said "hi" to the ducks at the park.

Monkey said "hi" to the babies in the mirror.

Did Monkey know that one of the babies was a miracle that God sent to earth for me to cherish every moment of every day? Did monkey know that the baby in the mirror was her? Did Monkey know that speaking those two little letters meant she was defying all odds? Did Monkey know that my heart skipped a beat?

Monkey saw the babies in the mirror and said, "hi" and then gave her Mommy a kiss.

Monkey says, "hi".


Aunt Nonna (Rhonda) said...

Ok Sweet Girl. Aunt Nonna's next, I've yet to hear HI! I know you have MAMA down pat.