Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Mooooo - huh?

Addie had a great morning at therapy! Her volunteer couldn't wait to tell me how well Addie did and that she "talked" so much today! I asked her to give me some examples and she told me that Addie said "Moo" and "Meow" when they were using farm animals as incentive for Addie to use her walker. I thought that was fantastic news, but you know me...I'm skeptical until I hear it myself. When I picked Addie up from school this afternoon, I nonchalantly asked her teacher if she by any chance has heard Addie say either of these words. She was very matter of fact and told me that Addie was indeed saying, "Moo"!

That's great...but I still haven't heard it, so I have no proof. Of course I didn't come straight home and find every cow I could find and try to lure the word out of Addie...what kind of a parent do you think I am? Hmmm?

She STILL hasn't said it tonight. I cannot wait...I pray it is true!