Tuesday, September 16, 2008

"Addie" and schedule revisions

Well, our schedule has officially changed again.

Julien is playing flag football this season and to tell you the truth, I am totally pumped about it! I love going to football games, but don't exactly want to see my first-born crushed in a dog pile, so this is a very nice compromise!
Tonight was perfect for our first football practice! The weather was outstanding and Addie enjoyed the time outside and playing at the park! Any time I can play outside and not break a sweat makes for an enjoyable time!

"Addie" had a great morning at therapy. She participated so well at circle time and was such a trooper through it all...until it was time to go to Hand In Paw. I couldn't observe this for myself, so I'm not sure what happened, but her volunteer told me that Addie got really upset. Chunky is all about animals, so I'm not sure what happened, but I'm sure next time will be better!
Addie's PT asked me today if she could try Addie with a walker next time...deep breath..."of course, that would be great!". I guess I meant it. It is no different than Monkey pushing a toy...right?

One of my goals for Addie is to have her meet me at the door when I come to pick her up from school in the afternoons. A few of the little boys always run to greet me at the door when they see me and I always try to encourage Addie to crawl to me instead of me going to her. This has yet to work and does nothing but upset her. Yesterday when I went in to pick Chunky up, she saw me at the door and started getting upset. When I walked in, I told her to "come here" and all that managed to do was upset her more. Tanner (sweet, sweet angel) ran over to Addie and kept telling her to, "up Addie, up Addie" trying to get her to come to me. When I came over to her and bent down, she started pointing to her cubby (where E.R. baby resides for the day) and Tanner immediately knew what Addie wanted. He ran over to her cubby...but couldn't reach baby. He tried.

I pray to God that HE blesses Addie with "a Tanner" throughout her life. A friend for Addie who will encourage her each step of the way and who will want so much for her to have the things in life that she desires and to help her achieve those things.

Thank you Tanner (and Tanner's Mommy and Daddy) - you are a gift from God!