Sunday, September 14, 2008

Labor Day Labrador

I'm only two weeks late posting this...

Well, Addie didn't get the baby buggy but she did get a new toy. Pup-pup must have dropped the baby buggy in Lake Michigan...bless him (family joke for adults only). Can I tell you how much she LOVES this???

She is trying her best to figure out how to move her feet in order to make this go! In the mean time, Chris, Julien and I have achy backs in an attempt to keep Monkey happy.

(Those are stamps on her hands and feet. Gymboree ignited a passion for hand stamps and now she is all about them!)

There is a story behind why we chose this toy, but if I told it, it would appear that I was being hateful to some cold, plague-fearing parents at Joe Tucker and by golly, I wouldn't want to come across that, Chunky has her own ride on toy that she can use whenever her little heart and our tired backs desire!