Monday, September 29, 2008

Team spirit day - not worth the fight!

Today was team spirit day in Addie's class.

Let me give a brief explanation. I love football. I love the season, the atmosphere, the excitement, the food....did I mention that I love football food?
I was raised to be a Bama loving Roll Tide screaming adult and then Chris came along.
I quickly decided that arguing over favorite teams was completely pointless. Since I have to sleep next to Chris every night and I really do like peace and harmony in my house...I bought an Auburn shirt and agreed to cheer Auburn on at the appropriate times.

When we saw the note on the door last Friday announcing team spirit day, I knew there was no point in even trying to bargain this out. Every once in a while, I just have to give in and let Chris have his way. So, if you will notice, my baby girl is wearing an Auburn outfit today. Chris picked it out and couldn't have been happier had he been buying a new $3000 set of golf clubs for his weekend guy's trip to Mexico.

Here is my precious Addie...sporting an Auburn jersey and enjoying the day with her friends and teachers.

I promise I couldn't care less either way...

Roll Tide and War Eagle!


Nicole said...

It's okay, I live in a "divided" house also...I am now raising 1 Roll Tide fan and 1 War Eagle fan (I'm hoping it's just a phase.) Bet you can't guess which one chose the war eagle side.... Either way, Addie looks precious in her team gear! (You may have to whisper and occasional "Roll Tide" in her ear!)

Heather said...