Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Zip it!

I don't even want to hear it, from anybody!

For those of you who were around last Halloween, you know what an emotional time it was for me. The hunt for a Halloween Costume was really hard for me. Most people don't sit back and think about the little details of Addie's condition...
Most Halloween Costumes come with hoods or hats. Most hoods and hats don't fit Addie, so the average costume doesn't work for her. Last year, I found the perfect little costume at Gymboree. It had an elastic headband that fit perfectly! This year, I was on the hunt for a monkey costume. Every costume I found had a hood attached - of course. Addie is too young to paint her face to make up for not having the hood on, so I started thinking of plan B. I was hoping to find a really girlie monkey costume with a tutu, but of course that didn't happen. However, I did find THE PERFECT COSTUME and ordered it today. It does not have a hood or hat with it and I think it will be so fitting for Addie. Prior to Addie, I would have rolled my eyes at the people who spent an outrageous amount of money on a Halloween Costume, but I want so desperately for Addie to fit in that I am willing to pay whatever I have to in order to have her not stand out any more than she does.
Last year I caved a few days before Halloween and posted pictures, I wouldn't surprise myself if I caved way before then this year. I have already emailed Kim asking to see if she is available for a Halloween photo shoot (in addition to the twenty-one month photo session we already have booked). I can't wait to see my little Chunkus dressed up this year.
Thank you to Tutu Couture for supplying Addie's costume this year! (For all you other Mommies of little girls, you can design a tutu and have them handmade and delivered within four weeks!)

If you guys were walking in my shoes, you would be just as bound and determined as I am!


Apryl said...

Thanks for posting. You reminded me to start looking for the perfect Halloween costume for my babies.

Dee said...

Hi, I found your blog through Hewy's and have enjoyed reading it.

I completely understand about the Halloween costume thing. Before kids I couldnt understand people spending tons of money on a costume that would only be worn once or twice. Now, I am the one spending the dough! Amy is now 10 and she wants to be Wendy from the Wendy's Hamburger Restaurants. I just ordered the wig today off ebay and now I just have to find the perfect dress.

I am so thrilled that Addie is doing well! I check in often to view her progress.

Lisa said...

I read your blog often. My parents live in Helena and we live in Alabaster. I love checking in on Addie. She is such a precious little girl. We visit the park that you go to in Helena, I am always hoping one day we may be there at the same time and I get to meet the little princess in person. Your blog is very inspiring. My little girl loves tutus too. I recently started making them. ;)
Can't wait to see her photos from her next photo shoot.

Tutu Couture, Inc. said... won't be hearing it from me!!!!!!! :) It will be the best money you have ever spent! lol

On a serious note, how happy am I that I was forwarded your post about Addie! Your story is one to inspire any mom out there. I have an Addi of my own and another daughter who has her own special needs... who without the 'early intervention' program and those wonderful speech & occupational therapists would not be developmentally on-level today. I was obviously led to your story for a reason! I admire you, it takes a toll on a mom and I hope you are getting all the emotional support you deserve. You sharing the ups AND the downs is a very admirable thing to do and what every mom deserves to hear. Addie is BEAUTIFUL and I hope to see a photo of her in her FABULOUS costume! ;) I hope she (and you) enjoy it and the 'extras' we are sending to you.
My best-
Tutu Couture, Inc.

Haley said...

She'll be beautiful! And I thought I was so ahead because I was looking at Halloween costumes this weekend...we should get Addie & Trey together for a photo in their Halloween costumes. I haven't picked his yet but I saw some really cute ones.

My family thinks I'm nuts because we never wore a costume until 5 or 6 years old when we could ring the doorbell & say "trick or treat" ourselves. And then it was homemade costumes. I did find the one I wanted last year on Ebay so I saved some there. My main problem is finding one Trey won't rip off his head in a second. Is duck tape ok as part of a costume?!