Monday, August 11, 2008

Addie's first day at her new center!

Check out the tears...
Our weekend went from difficult to miserable last night at 9:00. Addie woke up, fussing and crying...until midnight (teething, ear infection...who knows!). Between midnight and 4:00 a.m., she woke another four times. I get up at sleep for me.
I woke Addie at 6:20 in just enough time to get her ready, in the car and to the bus stop to drop Julien off. As soon as Julien left for school, Addie hit meltdown! She SCREAMED all the way to school, sat in my lap in the car for another 20 minutes at school crying before I finally calmed her down enough to walk inside.
Once we got inside, Miss Nosey Britches was too enamored with everyone else to remember that she had just spent the last 50 minutes in a fit of rage. After talking with her teacher for a few minutes, Addie felt comfortable enough to join her friends and play with the blocks. I gave her kisses; Chris and I waved bye-bye and left.
She did GREAT! I only logged on three times to check on her, never called the center and didn't go to physically check on her. When we picked Addie up, it was music time and she was having a blast! The day was perfect! I pray this continues, she was so happy when we picked her up, I am so optimistic about the new center!

Thank you so much Gloria for the precious new outfit for Addie's first day! It fit perfectly and kept her little knees from getting all scratched up while playing outside!


Nicole said...

Glad she had a great first day. She looks so happy!

In these pics, looks like she's on her way to standing alone, gaining great leg strength...yeah!