Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Where did I go and who are you? *Sidebar*

I had lunch today with my good friends, Patti, Dewana and Heather. We meet as often as we can for lunch and always leave stuffed full of food and crying from laughing so hard!

When I was talking to Chris before lunch, I told him that I was meeting Bergen's Mom, Trenton's Mom and Jack's Mom for lunch. I realized then that it IS actually at the birth of a child that one loses their identity.

Depending on who you ask, I'm:

Julien's Mom
Addie's Mom
Chris' Wife
Mom, you're so mean!
My youngest sister
My youngest daughter
My other sister
Freak (thanks Howard)
Aunt Jenn
The Benefit Analyst for group (insert name here)
The Mother of chart #3_ _ _ 1
Oh, come on...why are you acting like that (that's always a fun one)
The patient in room (insert # here)
The new lady who moved in to the Scheub's old house
The woman who lives on the corner
The woman who brought over the bread from Edgar's
Mrs. Henderson
Amy's friend - you know, the one with brown hair, green eyes...
My BFF from (insert school, job, organization here)
The Mom who's bringing the brownies for the spring festival, the drinks for the soccer game, the snacks for the basketball game...
The Mother of the special needs baby
The lady who asked to speak with the manager
The lady who always gets the veggie sandwich, that's right, no meat.
jdhenderson@ (insert internet service provider)
addiesadvocate@ (insert internet service provider)
pumpkinsbaby@ (insert internet service provider)
and every once in a while


Can you remember the last time you were just called by your first name? It's funny how many times in the course of a day, I describe someone instead of just saying their name. If I'm talking about a friend, I always have to say, "you know, so and so's Mom"....and people wonder what causes split personalities.


Anonymous said...

This is true and I was alway's Billy Joe's Mom, now that he is approaching 38, I am Brinkley's Mom (My Bichon) In Braelinn village we have 100 families and when talking to the neighbors most of them are referred to as their pets mom, or if they are our younger neighbors with children we do the child name. Don't you just love it! Hugs to you guys.
Polly & Steve Stallings

Nicole said...

I've had complete strangers (strangers to me anyway) walk up to me and say "aren't you Kaylyn's mom?" This usually happens in Wal-Mart. I think she knows everyone who works there!