Saturday, August 16, 2008

Week one down

Well, the first week of daycare for Addie and the first full week of school for Julien is over!


I think all went well. Julien is such a breeze; he loves school, loves his friends, does well overall and just fits right in. If I could just find a miracle cure for getting him out of bed in the morning, all would be GREAT!

Addie is adjusting to her new routine. She is a little unsure of her new surroundings and friends. Her teacher told me that yesterday was the first day that Addie actually touched another child. Addie is so sweet and loving, she must have been trying to take it all in. Her new little friends seem to be accepting of her. Hannah - also new to the center - has been trying to help Addie up when she falls. The boys don't seem to be overly aggressive and are just sweeties!
I had hoped that Addie would be able to use the standard toddler chairs for meal time and art time, but unfortunately the center did have to end up using a special chair for her. It has a belt on it and higher sides so that Addie doesn't fall out. Addie loves playing outside and LOVES music time. Mornings have been a little rough on her, but I think that will resolve itself in time. She has been outstanding at lunch and nap and her afternoons are great.
So far, so good. I think once we (all) get through the adjustment period, Addie will fit in perfectly with her friends and her new teachers will adore her!