Saturday, August 16, 2008

Catching up with friends!

My best friend since the 6th grade, Heather and her new fiancé, Dan met Chris and Me at The Melting Pot for dinner tonight. We had so much to talk about and I know our waiter was more than happy to finally see us leaving! Dan's job is transferring him to Australia for five-months; they will be back in the states in just enough time for their own wedding! Although Heathers path and my path have separated us by oceans at different points over the last twenty years, we have always remained close and can always pick right back up no matter how long it has been since we have seen each other.
I will be serving as her Matron of Honor in the wedding and have somewhat mentioned that I might be able to lay off the Mexican food in the next few months so that I can fit into my dress!
I would say that I am sad to see her go, but this is so exciting and I have never had the opportunity to visit Australia. I know I will be given continuous updates on
everything and can't wait to hear all about the trip!

Chris and I were honored to share one of our very rare date nights with our friends!

Addie waited up for us until we got home...she just couldn't go sleepy time until we were back safe. Julien is away for the weekend. :(