Monday, August 04, 2008

Hearing evaluation number four

Addie had her fourth hearing evaluation today. We saw the same audiologist that Addie saw on her first visit when she was nine days old! This audiologist was all business, no fluff unlike the other audiologist we saw the last two times. So, the one picture below is all that was taken...

Addie did really well during the exam although the audiologist told me how distracted Addie was...well, she's nineteen-months-old with a table full of toys in front of her. Ahem.
Anyway, Chunkus caught on to the game and was looking at the monkey and piggy when appropriate, when out of the blue, the pink bunny with the LOUDEST cymbals ever came on! The bunny startled Addie so badly, that as soon as she regained her composure, she said, "uh-oh"!!!! I wanted to scream and tell her what a good job she did, but of course I had to sit there and keep my mouth shut. A few minutes later, Addie was getting a little nervous because the rabid bunny kept rearing its ugly head. The piggy came back on and Addie looked at him, said "bye-bye" AND WAVED AT HIM!!!!!! This is a first!!!!!!!!!!!! I squeezed her so tight, but still couldn't say anything to her. When the audiologist opened the door, I was talking ninety to nothing trying to tell Julien and Chris about what had just happened. My sweet baby girl is amazing! I am so proud of her!

Her hearing appears to still be doing very well. Her tubes are open and clear. We go back in February for our six-month check-up unless we feel like we need to go back sooner. Finally, completely great news on a test! Whew!

Thank God for this miracle, for Addie's comprehension, interaction, hearing and speech!


Anonymous said...

Great Job Addie! I keep checking up on you and am thrilled with all your wonderful progress. You sure are a super communicator!!
Elizabeth G :)

Jeremy & Kim said...

Great job Addie!!

Nicole said...

Yeah Addie!!! I'm so proud of you!!!

Polly & Steve said...

Way to go Addie! Mircle child that you are, this is not suprising. Good Girl!