Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What a visit

So much for Addie's eighteen-month well child visit.

I really love Greenvale, with the exception of one nurse (who has not crossed my path in a while) everyone at the office is just spectacular! When we arrived this afternoon, I signed Addie in and as I was going over the formalities with the receptionist, the nurse came to the window and told me to come on back to the room - no waiting!

Our little visit took an hour and a half, the entire time spent talking to Dr. Dudgeon, examining Addie, taking care of labs, getting ONE shot and going over the MRI. I really needed this visit and feel much better about the MRI after going over it again. Dr. Dudgeon and I agree that the radiologist - whom shall remain nameless - was going strictly by the book, not taking into account any other factors. Not only did this radiologist mention Dandy-Walker as a diagnosis, but he also mentioned Pachygyria and we know we are not going back down that road again! Dr. Ness did mention in her notes that Dandy-Walker was a possibility, but we are going to have to wait it out.

Dr. Dudgeon was so very, very pleased with Addie today. He was just thrilled with her progress, but appeared to be a bit hesitant when I told him that Addie was catching and throwing a ball - not real sure that he entirely believed me. :)

Addie's ears look great, the tubes are open and clear! She is now 30 inches long and Chunkus is up to 20 pounds 10 ounces. We won't discuss head circumference because there was no change and if I think about it, I'm going to be sick.

Dr. Dudgeon excused himself from the room at one point in order to get the lab work started. I heard him on the phone to the other building asking for someone to come over to draw Addie's labs (that he had a special needs baby, etc...). I had asked him on the phone the other night to have only the best available for her, apparently that is who he was calling over.
Addie is an amazing trooper when it comes to lab work. The nurse asked me to lay Addie down on the table and I told her that I would really rather not, that she does so much better if I hold her. Addie sat in my lap and the nurse found an awesome vein in the right arm. Addie only whimpered when the nurse stuck her, but the vein wouldn't work!!! The needle was too big because they were trying to use a standard pediatric needle instead of a preemie! I should have caught that beforehand, but immediately told the nurse that she should try a preemie needle. She got one and tried it in the left arm and PRESTO - three vials of blood! Addie's poor right arm looks terrible (pictures below) and each time I would ask her where her boo-boo was, she would point to her arm. I still think it is just amazing that she understands that!!!!

We got Addie's Mumps vaccine today and will not have to go back for a scheduled visit until January. I would say that is fantastic, but we have never been that long without a trip to Greenvale and I'm just not banking on it.

We had time to waste after Addie's appointment, so what better place to pose for a family photo than in the Staples parking lot?

Poor Addie - at home, not the Staples parking lot!


Polly & Steve said...

Dear Addie,
I hate these boo boo's , I am 60 and my Dr. Office has to send me to the lab they can't draw my blood and I get big boo boo's 3 places before they give up and off to the lab I go! Much love to you sweetie!!!!

*Staci* said...

Poor baby! I know those ouchies are not fun. I know it was no fun for the nurse either!