Friday, August 08, 2008

4th Grade

Julien started school yesterday and I really can't believe that he is in the 4th grade already!!!

I honored Julien's wishes and did not take my camera to the bus stop. Considering, I was the ONLY parent there without a camera, I had to make up for it that afternoon. He he.

The day started off beautiful, but by the afternoon, an infamous Alabama thunderstorm had rolled in and out went the lights at the school. I wanted to be home to meet the bus and I just couldn't wait to see how Julien's day was. Instead of taking advantage of a ride home, Julien just ran home in the rain! He had a great first day and seems to like his teacher.

(Chunkus was very impatient while waiting for the bus, Julien couldn't get home fast enough for her!)



sweet pics!

i am so happy the mri is over and that addie continues to prove them all wrong! we know who is in control and she is definetly a miracle from GOD!!!

Nicole said...
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Nicole said...

Was he embarrassed to be catching a ride with the folks?