Tuesday, August 19, 2008


It couldn't have been any clearer. I only had the pleasure of hearing it once, but it was the most beautiful sound!

Addie insisted that baby (her E.R. baby) take a bath with her tonight. Everybody needs to understand how attached Addie is to baby. If baby gets out of her reach, meltdown occurs. So, although E.R. baby is not waterproof, she still took a bath - it wasn't worth the drama of taking baby away. When Addie and baby were done bathing, I got Addie out and sat her on the towel in my lap, I QUICKLY reached in the tub for baby and wrapped her in another towel. I put baby in Addie's arms and then wrapped them both in a towel. Baby was heavy and soaking wet and I was trying to prevent baby from falling - that would have been a nightmare. Once I got them both wrapped up tightly, I stopped in front of the mirror and told Addie to "look at baby and Addie - all clean" and I told her to say, "hi"...AND SHE DID!

Thank you God for once again allowing me the pleasure of hearing my daughters beautiful voice! It was the most perfect sound and I knew in that instance that I had once again witnessed a miracle. A miracle that only our God can provide!


Anonymous said...

Thank God for E.R. babies. Tricia

Polly & Steve said...

You will never know how much your blog means to me. God sent you guys and Addie to bless my heart. Hi from an angel means a lot!!!!! Lots of hugs to you all!

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if you have found any support group for children with conditions like Addies. My children had a strange condition when they were born and I found a support/chat group on Yahoo health. While everyone who reads your blog, family and friends are supportive, it was nice to talk to someone who really understands and is going through some of they same. Addie is a beautiful little girl and I think you sound like a beautiful mother.