Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Bell Center

Chris and I took Addie to the meet and greet at The Bell Center this morning for fall session, which begins soon. Addie was so sleepy this morning, so I put her in the car still asleep. It's a good thing I did because it took us an hour and 14 minutes to get from Helena to Homewood! Since Addie will be in an older class this year, the class schedules have changed and are not at all accommodating to the working parent. The only class that would remotely fit our schedule is first thing in the morning, which means that we (meaning me and a screaming baby) will have to fight the oh so pleasant Helena traffic to get there.
This therapy class is going to be two hours long and it will not be the one on one therapy that we are accustomed to. This will be a big change for Addie, but I think it will be great! There is an observation room, so I will be able to get work done while keeping an eye on Addie's progress. Addie was so pleasant this morning and was more than willing to get her picture made, get fitted for her chair, ride on toy and tricycle. The Bell Center has special tricycles and sometime next month, I'm going to get the specs on it so that Julien (by his request) can ask Santa to bring Addie one for us to use at home too. Another schedule change coming soon...