Sunday, August 24, 2008

P.F. Chang's and that's a wrap!

Celebration #5 came to a close and wow, did we have a good time!

(I took tons of meaningless pictures; I'm loving the camera!!!)

Chris and Julien went to see a movie this afternoon, while Addie and I enjoyed some girl time at the mall.

No boys + 2 hours + the mall = new baby, a trip to the Gap, Wolf Camera and Sephora

We all had a great time today and Chris chose to end the evening with dinner at P.F. Chang's. It was Julien and Addie's first trip and they seemed to really enjoy it. We had such a nice time at dinner and it was great to enjoy a stress free evening. Dessert was by far Addie's favorite part of the meal. I couldn't get the food in her mouth fast enough; she kept pushing my hand towards the food and then pulling it back to her mouth! Julien loved his food and the atmosphere and Chris and I were just happy that they were happy! :) Chris LOVED his present that we got him (he is so hard to please) and I am so glad that this day was so enjoyable for him!
Happy 35th Birthday, we love you!!!


Jeremy & Kim said...

Hey!! Looks like yall had a great weekend! Tell Chris happy birthday!! I am so glad about your new camera, great choice!! You know I am a Canon girl too!! Talk with you soon!

Polly & Steve said...

Happy 35th...the celebration just keeps on going! 35 is great its after you get past 60 and your bones tell you that you can't do what you want to hahahahah! Enjoy everyday!

Jenn said...

Happy Birthday Chris! Matt and I were talking about it on Friday and he still forgot to call him Sunday and wish him a happy birthday. He did have good intentions and I was very impressed that he remembered two days prior to his birthday.