Friday, August 08, 2008

New daycare

I took the day off work to spend with Addie and we went to meet the teachers at her new daycare. I made a point of getting Addie there right before breakfast, so that I could see how the morning routine would go. Addie did GREAT!
We stayed for two and a half hours, Addie participated in every activity and never got upset....well except for the one time that Olivia kidnapped both baby dolls, but Olivia was such a good sharer, that Addie never did hit complete meltdown before she got one baby back. I have a good feeling about this. I think Addie will do well. I think her teachers will just love her once they get to know her! I think once they see that Addie is more like every other child than not, it will all be fine.
There are some great little one's in Addie's class! She is one of three girls, battling against seven boys. I don't know any of the other children, except Tanner, the cutest little boy ever! I just wanted to pick him up and squeeze him! Olivia is just precious, blond hair and pigtails, I think her and Addie will do well together. I am very optimistic about Monday!!!