Friday, August 22, 2008


How cute are these?

The stroller is what I had in mind...before I saw the baby buggy! Addie isn't really ready for the stroller just yet - by the time her birthday gets here, I hope she will, the buggy would be perfect! Every child gets a visit from the Labor Day Labrador, right? You know, the doggie that brings presents and leaves them on the front porch for children who excel in the month of August? Right? I don't even want to hear it. Yes, she has the shopping cart, cozy coupe, big girl walker and train, but this is different! She doesn't have a baby buggy! Oh, holy cow, I just officially turned into a Mommy of a G-I-R-L....I'm looking at baby strollers and buggies and saying they are a must have! How did that happen?


Nicole said...

Yes, the baby buggy is a MUST HAVE!

Apryl said...

Welcome to the world of G-I-R-L. It was a difficult transition for me but you will soon find yourself unconsciously drawn to pink.