Thursday, August 14, 2008

Both of my babies at the park!

We finally had a free evening to go to the park and play! Julien didn't have any homework and no other plans, so we took advantage of the rare opportunity. Julien was more than happy to help Addie on the slide and the swings. Addie couldn't have been more thrilled to have Julien there with her to play. The last few times we were at the park, Julien has been away from home. :(

Addie was really sleepy from her busy day and didn't feel like working on her balance, crawling or walking, but was more than happy to show us what a great job she is doing with catching and throwing! This is her newest accomplishment!!! She loves to catch a ball and then will throw it back. I don't know why I am so amazed, but you would not believe her strength! I swear she will be able to throw one out of the park one day!

Thank you Julien for being the best big brother in the world!

Of course our little outing couldn't go off without a hitch...there was a little girl who made her way over to us and started out the conversation by telling me that Addie was "cute". A few seconds later, she followed it up by saying, "I've never seen a baby with a head that small before". She wasn't being mean, she was just really curious. I can deal with curiosity. I told her that "Addie does look different than other babies and that her head is smaller, but that God made her that way". We went on to talk about Addie some more and she made reference to a doll that Addie looks like. I have had a lot of people make the same reference and I can't disagree...they are all right. It wasn't me that got my feelings hurt this time. Julien immediately wanted to leave. We did leave, but I explained to him that our conversation was "ok" because she was just curious and not mean. We have to be honest and willing to talk to people.

On a different note, I also met a little girl tonight who is very special. Her name is Kelsey and she is in the first grade. From what her cousin tells me, she is doing very well in school with the help of an aide and the teachers and staff at the elementary school are all very accepting of her. For those of you who know Kelsey, make sure you stop and say hello the next time you see her.
We have a really great community and I am proud that this is my home!