Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Baby Gate

My husband - my hero.

As you all know, I get way less sleep than I really should. 
I think I might be less evil when the time comes when I actually get a normal amount of sleep each night...but not likely.

I am the one to get up with Chunkus Monkus each night. 
It's not so much that Chris won't, it's just that he handles no sleep way worse than I do.

He miraculously never hears the monitor at night when Monkus is crying and even if I am only five minutes into my slumber, I somehow manage to hear her.

The other night, I woke to my husband urgently hitting my thigh and saying,
"Jenn, do you hear that?".


That is so not the way anyone wants to wake up. 

I swear that within a nano second, I went from deep slumber to thinking that I didn't hear the security alarm going off, I didn't hear either one of the kids, I didn't hear the fire alarm, I didn't hear any commotion outside, I didn't hear thunder or any tornado sirens
 I also thought that it would take less than a split nano second to turn the safety off on the 9mm that I am more than comfortable firing - if need be.
I also thought that it was odd that my husband was waking me up to ask me if I heard "that", but yet he was still laying in bed next to me.

Surely if it was something serious enough to wake me in the manner that he did, he wouldn't just be laying there next to me. 
Surely he would be up, talking to 911 with a phone in one hand, the ninja sword in the other while tending to whatever "that" was.

Then, I heard "that".

and it sounded a bit creepy...like a door rattling...

and that's when my husband decided to say, "I think Addie is standing at her gate".

You think Einstein?
He could have said that to begin with.

See....when Addie wakes in the middle of the night, she sits in bed and cries or occasionally, she will call for me. 

On this night, when I started down the hallway, I saw her leaning against the gate to her room. 
Her arms draped over the front and her sweet face laying on top of the gate. 
"That" noise was her making a pitiful effort to shake the gate.

She never said a word, just moved out of the way so that I could pick her up and then was happy to go back to sleep all snuggled in beside me in my bed.

Just in case you were wondering...my husband - the hero - never got out of bed. 

How many points do you suppose that got him?

Team Effort

It was only a matter of time before Chunk fell and when she did, her boot jumped off her foot.

Exactly how many people does it take to put a boot back onto a four year old?

She was not ready to go...this time, I made her Daddy be the bad guy and "make" her leave the park.
Julien wanted absolutely no part of the insanity.

Monday, May 30, 2011

She Would Follow Him Anywhere

May 15, 2011

Kind of Ironic....

That we go out of our way to avoid running into people we know because we look so freakin' bad and we were having a day where we just wanted to be alone....Yet, I post the pictures on the blog...?
That makes zero sense.

Addie was "helping" Julien down off the slide
and yes,
I will wear my faded black pants until the threads finally give way and my cellulite starts oozing out.
We just threw all rules and manners right out the door.
There wasn't anyone else in sight, so we let Chunk work on therapy...
by climbing up the slide!
Julien sat at the top and helped Addie up the toughest part.
They're so sweet.

I think it's awesome that Julien teaches her all of the things in life that I never would have thought to teach her.

I think kids sometimes forget to be kids...
we had such a nice time enjoying ourselves and relaxing.
It doesn't happen often enough.

May 15, 2011

Taking A Break From Working Hard

May 15, 2011

On the way back up the stairs, Addie wanted to sit down and rest.
Therapy is hard work.

They look absolutely thrilled...

Thursday, May 26, 2011

So Sweet

Today, Addie's best friend moved up to another classroom at school.
This sweet little girl had told the teachers that she wasn't going to move up to the next class without Addie
when she found out that she was moving, she started giving instructions to the other children on how they should take care of Addie.

According to the information I received, it was a very emotional morning.
Addie's teacher took these pictures of the girls, printed out the pictures for Addie and her friend so that they each could keep a picture of the two of them together.

So very sweet.
It is so emotional for me as well.
I can only pray that Addie continues to be surrounded by friends who love her and want nothing but the best for her
that Chris and I continue to be surrounded by caregivers for Addie who love her and protect her.

Addie will be moving classes too...we just have to get a few things in order before that happens.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Stupid Alabama Weather

May 15, 2011
I get cranky in the stupid Alabama humidity. 
It's not so much the stupid humidity as it is the stupid annoying, blood-sucking bugs when combined with the stupid humidity that just so happens to be in Alabama.

So, I was beyond thrilled when we had an awesome weekend of cold weather. 
Aaaahhhh...no gnats, no noseeums, no creepy, crawly, buzzing - anything.

It was awesome.

We were all looking awfully rough, so we headed out to a park where we were somewhat certain we wouldn't run into anybody we knew.

We had a great time and along with a lot of help from us, Addie worked really, really hard on her therapy.

Independent stair climbing is still a while off, but we are making good progress!
Time after time, Addie worked so hard climbing the stairs and the reward was well worth it.
I think we can get at least one more year use out of it, but I would rather use it as an excuse to make a trip up north or con my brother into flying south for a visit (with Michigan gear in tow).
Actually, I have three very good reasons to head north - including a stop in Detroit, followed by a trip across the Canadian border, then Pittsburgh....just as soon as Addie stops crying in the car.
Do you guys realize that Addie thinks that Julien hung the moon?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


You guy's are going to be so jealous over my pure awesomeness.

Last week my precious Baby Boy got into trouble. 
If I remember correctly it was over behavior that drives me mad.
He wants a new phone, although there is nothing wrong with his current phone other than it is not as cool as the one that his friends have.
Trust me, I get sucked into stuff like that all the time but I try to remind myself that I need to be grateful for what I have and that there is no need to drool over the things that my friends have...even if it is red with the intoxicating smell of new leather.   
I - of all people - know to be grateful - for everything.

So it really ticked me off and my sleep-deprived evil Momminess snapped into the, "if you can't be grateful for what you have, then you don't need anything at all" mode and I took his phone.

I put his phone up until the time came that I decided that he realized how grateful he really should be, even if his phone doesn't have a stupid full sized QWERTY keyboard.

Well...I got five hours of sleep over the weekend, felt a little peppier and decided that it was time for Julien to have his phone back.

So, I went to get it....


I have completely and totally forgotten where I put it.

I don't have a clue. 
I can't even vaguely remember where it might be


Do you realize what this means?

If I don't find Julien's phone, I will be buying him a new phone because...
I lost his.

(this space left blank for what I would really like to say)

I'm just that awesome.

Monday, May 23, 2011


Below you will find Addendum A to the previous post!


(There is no way to temporarily disable the music, so you will have to manually pause the music if you wish to hear the video - it's all the way at the bottom of the blog.)

This video is perfect - even with Addie's hair itching her nose and distracting her!
THAT is her newest little laugh - she's a mess!

I'm so darn proud!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Video of the Year - So Far Anyway!

I think most of you understand why this video just takes our breath away!

While Chris and I were working in Addie's room this morning, Addie was content to sit and practice "writing" her name.
She asked me no less than 225 million times, "Addie?" and I would spell it for her each time.
I finally grabbed Chris's phone and the first two videos I tried to get were worthless.
She immediately turned into Michigan J. Frog.
The third time is obviously the charm!
This is over four years in the making!
I hope you can understand her!
(Yes, we realize she was counting when asked her age)

(There is no way to temporarily disable the music, so you will have to manually pause the music if you wish to hear the video - it's all the way at the bottom of the blog.)

(She was getting restless...nothing that a trip to the park didn't cure!)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Plethora of TMI

You've been warned!

You guys remember Addie's purse - right?

She was playing while I was getting ready for the day and she came upon her purse. 
She obviously decided that she was taking her purse with her when we left the house because she started paroozing around looking for things to put into her purse.

She found:

A receipt from Target

A popsicle stick with pompoms

A playing card adorned by E.B. 

A playing card with a picture of Daniel and the Lion 

A pantyliner 

Nursing Pads

A Naked Baby Doll

You've never seen a Baby Girl so proud of herself! 
Addie held up her purse for me to see and was so sweet!
I could tell how happy she was to have her purse all ready to go!

As I was putting on my earrings, this little tiny voice inside my head told me that I might want to stop - for just a minute - and ask Baby Girl what she found to put into her purse.

I knelt down and began to look inside her purse.  
As I removed the items from her purse, I told her that she had found so many nice things for school, but that Mommy would help her find a few more things for her purse. 
When I began to put all of her treasures back into her purse, a few items managed to get tucked out of sight.

I helped Addie put her purse onto her shoulder and out the door we went.

I can only imagine how that show and tell time would have went had I not stopped to check her purse before we left.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Email of the Day

Technically, it was the Email of the Day - Yesterday

This is from Addie's amazing special education teacher:

"I had to tell you about today. Addie said her name immediately after I asked "What is your name?" She put her hand up on her chest, patted it and said "Addie". This is the first time she has said her name for me without prompting. Yay Addie!!!!"

Mother's Day Card 2011

Addie "made" me this card at school.
I've read it a million times and can't help but smile.
I wish I would have been there to hear her response when her teachers asked her each question.
I love and appreciate Addie's teachers for all that they do for us.
They are amazing.
I also got some of my favorite flowers
(man, I miss it so bad)
this balloon...loving the lady bugs.
I need all the luck I can get.

and a gift certificate to make up for my missed Spring Spa Day at Elizabeth Arden.

Pictures of the Day!

May 8, 2011 - Mother's Day!

Mother's Day at the Zoo - 2011

May 8, 2011
After brunch, we decided that we would take a spur of the moment trip to the Zoo.
Julien conned my poor niece into going with us and we headed out...despite the fact that it was 127 degrees outside and I was wearing heels.
I made a quick stop at a local pharmacy to pick up one of the most uncomfortable pair of flip-flops on the face of the earth
we proceeded on to the Zoo.
Once inside, there was a crowd collected around the turtle exhibit and a bit of excitement from several of the parents kids because of this little snake.
We were led to believe this snake really didn't belong in the water alongside the turtles, which left us wondering,
where exactly it came from and if it's older and much bigger sibling was not far behind.
I gathered the kids and pointed them in the direction of the train, away from the reptile exhibits.
Chunkus the Monkus had to latch onto Julien and waited, very impatiently for the train to arrive.
Yes, all of the Mother's Day pictures of me are in black and white. 
Going to bed at 4:00 a.m. on Mother's Day doesn't exactly leave me with very much to work with in the way of wrinkly bags under my eyes and an overly puffy face.
If I were more adept with Photoshop, I wouldn't need black and white camouflage and I'd be stretching all of my pictures...
but since I'm not,
black and white photos it is.
Gabi and Chunkus Monkus! 
Monkus was thrilled to have Gabi along for the day!
The play area at the new African exhibit is really fun for the kids!
(not to mention the great benches for the parents...almost cozy enough for napping)

Julien - acting like a monkey.
I think Monkus was wondering just when I was going to put the stupid camera away.