Thursday, May 05, 2011

What Happens in Vegas

Will apparently stay in Vegas.

Just as the anesthesiologists were about to take my Mother back for her open heart surgery, my Favorite Fabulous Aunt, told my Mother that while she was in surgery, she would schedule their trip to Vegas.

My Favorite Fabulous Aunt has a medical conference in Vegas, so the intent was for my Mother to join her and after the first five days of the conference, they would have free roam of Vegas for the next however many days.

That has been the goal since February - to get Mom well enough for Vegas.

It's time for the Vegas trip and Mom decided she wasn't well enough to go.

As hard as it is for me to know that she's missing out, she really isn't well enough to go.

Mom has a test scheduled for Monday and dependent upon the results of that test, she will begin HBOT.

I suppose it's not the length of time it takes to get her well, what's important is getting her well.

We'll schedule another vacation for her (maybe not Vegas, maybe somewhere closer to home).
She deserves it.

(I know many of you would be asking me about the trip and I thought this was the easiest way to break the news)


Jenny said...

I'm so behind on blogs, and I finally just read your article on Kidz. Can I just say that I immediately have fallen in love with your family? My daughter, Samantha, also has microcephaly. Their stories seem so similar. They look so similar at birth even. Samantha has been diagnosed with Primary Autosomal Recessive Microcephaly, though they can't confirm that and admit that's just hte best diagnosis they can give. Addie seems further along than Sammy -- they are about the same age though. Addie just stole my heart though when I saw her. And seeing pictures of Addie and her brings joy. True joy. I love it. definitely have a new follower:)