Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mother's Day at the Zoo - 2011

May 8, 2011
After brunch, we decided that we would take a spur of the moment trip to the Zoo.
Julien conned my poor niece into going with us and we headed out...despite the fact that it was 127 degrees outside and I was wearing heels.
I made a quick stop at a local pharmacy to pick up one of the most uncomfortable pair of flip-flops on the face of the earth
we proceeded on to the Zoo.
Once inside, there was a crowd collected around the turtle exhibit and a bit of excitement from several of the parents kids because of this little snake.
We were led to believe this snake really didn't belong in the water alongside the turtles, which left us wondering,
where exactly it came from and if it's older and much bigger sibling was not far behind.
I gathered the kids and pointed them in the direction of the train, away from the reptile exhibits.
Chunkus the Monkus had to latch onto Julien and waited, very impatiently for the train to arrive.
Yes, all of the Mother's Day pictures of me are in black and white. 
Going to bed at 4:00 a.m. on Mother's Day doesn't exactly leave me with very much to work with in the way of wrinkly bags under my eyes and an overly puffy face.
If I were more adept with Photoshop, I wouldn't need black and white camouflage and I'd be stretching all of my pictures...
but since I'm not,
black and white photos it is.
Gabi and Chunkus Monkus! 
Monkus was thrilled to have Gabi along for the day!
The play area at the new African exhibit is really fun for the kids!
(not to mention the great benches for the parents...almost cozy enough for napping)

Julien - acting like a monkey.
I think Monkus was wondering just when I was going to put the stupid camera away.


Nicole said...

A Copperhead loose in the zoo??? That's it...I'm never going to the zoo again!