Sunday, May 08, 2011

Never Enough

I knew months in advance when my husband's first golf trip of the year would take place. 
I penciled it in on my paper, spiral-bound calendar at work and right under my notes for
Friday, May 6, 2011,
I added
"Spring Spa Day at Elizabeth Arden". 

I never take time for myself and if my husband is going to be gone for days on end, hundreds of miles away, soaking up the sun, chasing a little white ball around a gazillion different golf courses and enjoying evening drinks with his friends at fine restaurants, I'm allowed a little pampering too.
Are you kidding?
The last time I had a day to myself was two years ago when I was in the hospital and between the Morphin, Percocet, Zofran and Phenergan, I wouldn't necessarily classify it as a day of relaxation. 

AND, trust me, I'm not complaining.
I wouldn't trade my life for anything.
I love my children and my husband
and my job
and my house
and my family
and everything else...
mmmm...not too fond of the cellulite or Texas sized stretch marks but that's a little off topic.

I was so looking forward to a day to myself and a little pampering.

Then, April 27, 2011 happened.
We immediately started making donations as we saw fit,
but I realized that no matter how many donations we made,
or how much of our time we gave,
it didn't lessen the pain in our hearts for each and every person impacted.

There was no way I could have a day to myself when others were in so much pain,
so instead of my Spring Spa Day at Elizabeth Arden, I spent the day
volunteering my time to help those in need.

No matter how much of my time I give, it will never be enough.

In this time of hope and devastation - in a time of grief that I cannot imagine - I ask everyone who is able-bodied and capable of donating your time,
please volunteer.
Please volunteer wherever you see fit, in whatever capacity you see fit and for whatever services you are physically and emotionally capable of handling.

I would hope that someone would help our family and community had it been us.